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November Instructor of the Month - Kirmari Scott!

A special feature by Katie Davis

We are thankful to have such talented instructors at Studio K who allow us to offer many different styles of dance and fitness classes to our Studio K Family. As Instructor of the Month for November, we wanted to thank Kirmari for being an inspiration to many dancers and for being such an important part to our Studio K community!

KD: Why did you choose to be an instructor at Studio K?

Kirmari: I chose Studio K because it has so many diverse classes and some I had never even heard of before until I looked at the website. After seeing that, I felt like I would feel comfortable as an instructor and that my type of class would fit in well!

KD: What classes do you currently teach at the studio?

Kirmari: I teach Afro Fusion Fitness! Afro Fusion is a blend of African and Caribbean dance styles.

KD: What do you do for work during the day?

Kirmari During the day I work as a performer at Disney.

KD: In your opinion, what makes Studio K different from other dance/fitness options?

Kirmari: Studio K has some very unique classes and the environment and energy of the studio is very positive in which dancers and dance/ fitness lovers of all levels can feel comfortable taking classes.

KD: What is your favorite class to teach and/or take at Studio K and why?

Kirmari: I love teaching Afro Fusion because it includes different African and Caribbean styles that I love and I want to show people that there are other styles of dance where they can possibly connect with and thrive!

KD: What do you love about teaching dance/fitness classes at Studio K?

Kirmari: I love dancing with the people who attend the class. I enjoy watching them gain their confidence, get an understanding of using different rhythms, and seeing the improvement of their movements.

KD: Is there a class that you haven’t taken yet, but would love to try in the future?

Kirmari: I've tried many!

KD: What advice do you have for people who want to try dance/fitness classes, but are hesitant/nervous?

Kirmari: I would tell them to give it a try. You will never know what will happen until you try it. You might end up loving a class or you might find out that is not for you, but at least you tried it.

KD: In a few words, what does Studio K mean to you?

Kirmari: Opportunity, Positivity, Non-Judgemental, and Happiness

KD: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself/your time with Studio K?

Kirmari: I am truly grateful to be apart of the Studio K Family and want to thank Kristin for giving me a chance!

We are so grateful to have Kirmari as a part of our Studio K Team - meet her every Monday for Afro Fusion Fitness and meet the other members of our Team by dropping into class any night. See our full schedule here!


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