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We love our members! Here is what they have to say about us...

“Studio K is my home away from home and my happy place.  Since the first time I stepped into the studio back in 2010, Kristin and the Studio K Team has welcomed me like family. I grew up dancing my whole life in Virginia, but stopped when I moved to Florida since there wasn’t a studio for adults that danced recreationally.  When I found Studio K, I’ve never been happier. The variety of classes that cater to all levels is something you can only dream of. Dancing is my escape from life, as well as a form of fitness.  Studio K is able to provide so many options depending on my mood for the day of what I want to do.  From MixxedFit and Zumba, to Ballet Pop and Yoga Fusion, there is something for everyone and every teacher is accepting and  gives you options whether you are dancing for the first time or professionally.  “The Floor is Yours” isn’t just a tag line here, it is the way of living and I am forever grateful to have found such an accepting dance fitness studio that caters to adults in Central Florida.” - Ashley Forbes, Yearly Member


“Studio K has changed my life in such a positive way. I went there with a friend just to check it out one day and immediately fell in love with the vibe there. Then I started trying different classes to see what I liked best. Soon after that I was going there 4 to 5 times a week. It felt like family from the moment I walked in the door. I did not feel judged for being a beginner or for being out of shape. I ended up losing 50 pounds over the course of my first year there. I HATED exercising before landing in Studio K. I feel like the cardio classes are so much fun that I do not even realize that I am working out. The atmosphere is friendly and upbeat, and the instructors are so motivating and helpful. I honestly do not remember what life was like before Studio K became a part of my daily routine.” - Rebecca Venezia, Yearly Member

“Studio K has become my second home, and the staff is so warm and welcoming I consider them my family. I am a college student who moved here from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I attended the Public Academy for Performing Arts School my entire adolescent life where I developed a love for dance. When I moved to Florida in 2017, I had a really hard time adjusting, especially when it came to finding a studio. I searched restlessly for a new studio but couldn’t find one that really suited me, and my needs at the time. From the moment I walked into Studio K and was greeted by the kindest and most welcoming woman (Kristin Weissman) I knew I found a home. The variety of classes and workshops that are provided at the studio are phenomenal, the guest artists she brings in, and the teachers that she hires are all the most spectacular people I’ve ever had the pleasure to dance with and learn from. What I love most about Studio K  is everyone there is so welcoming and supportive, but it's amazing to watch successful people who have worked so hard to experience so many performing opportunities share their knowledge with anyone and everyone because we are all welcome at Studio K.” - Tercilla Wright, Yearly Member

“Studio K came into my life during a most difficult time.  An excruciating divorce after a 34-year marriage and also that time in life when everything is in question.  You aren't old, but you certainly aren't young either and what is your purpose in life and who is important and where do you focus all your time, energy and effort now that you have raised a family and held together a household that no longer exists.  It was an awakening, a startling realization that you need to take care of YOU, that's who!


So with no earlier experience, I walked into Studio K and into a refreshing and friendly environment with no judgement and tons of friendly faces with open arms. We talked and laughed and we blasted our music and danced and something really amazing happened.  As we danced, the negative and depressed emotions floated away and I was filled with so much happiness and just plain fun!  It was foreign to be doing something for myself, but it felt great and I felt worthy!


Since that first day, I have tried Studio K workshops and enjoyed a variety of instructors and classes! I find that I am not the only one with these feelings, there are so many that also find life altering moments here at Studio K.  Kristin Weissman is an inspiration and a guiding light.  She motivates me every time I see her!  And I see her have this effect on every person that walks through the door. Interesting how every person arrives at her doorstep for a different reason, a different motivation, carrying a different set of baggage and reaching for a different goal, but yet we each have our needs met and find our happiness and contentment and our refresh here under her roof!


Can't say enough about this establishment, this family of fun and these diverse opportunities to discover myself and have fun doing it. Thank you to Kristin and Studio K, I hope to continue to find a new me with your help every week!” - Cyndi Gustafson, Yearly Member

“Studio K is amazing. I am in my 40's and have never been someone to commit to an exercise routine and not quit very early on. I have been going to Studio K regularly for almost 2 years now. There's something about it that makes me feel included even being as far away from a physically fit super model as I am.  I love going and pushing myself in each of the classes I take. I can't wait until there are more Studio K locations for more people to experience. If I like it and I stick around for more exercise and sweating, it's got to be something pretty special.” - Amy Venezia, Yearly Member

“After attending classes at Studio K, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want to take dance/fitness classes anywhere else. The entire experience is fun, welcoming and the teachers make sure you feel 100% comfortable. There is no pressure to be perfect, just be yourself and have fun. Kristin created a beautiful studio fit for every soul out there, no matter size, shape or ability.  I hate going to gyms and Studio K gave me the opportunity to not only have a fun work out, but to also be a part of a beautiful, diverse and loving community.” - Katie Davis

“What Studio K means to me: For years I have been saying that I wanted to get back into dance. I’ve tried going to the gym to stay active but I’ve decided that it’s just not my thing. A couple months ago, I decided to look into adult dance studios around me to see if there was something that caught my eye. I came across Studio K and knew that it was the one for me. Even from my first day at the studio, I felt comfortable and included. From the ambiance to the teachers to the wonderful Kristin, it was as if I found my safe space. A place I can come to be myself and enjoy dancing again. The classes are fun and engaging and I leave feeling good about myself after every class. I never feel pressured to be perfect and the teachers make sure that we know it is okay to take the steps at our pace. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found a place that feels like home on the dance floor.” - Jessica Ramos, Yearly Member

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“I’m a lifelong dancer, and lover of the arts, and my story begins when I first stepped foot in to Studio K looking for a place to hopefully get back into dancing more after a few years away. Dance has always been my release, my therapy, my outlet for self -expression, in a fast-paced, sometimes stressful world, and being a full-fledged member of the working adult club I hadn’t had the chance to dance just for myself in what felt like a long time. But the moment I walked into Studio K for my first class, I knew I found a place I could call home. And now, more than 7 years later, I am so thankful that I get to call this studio my home. From the instructors and fellow dancers, to the staff and most importantly the owner, Kristin, this studio has become my second family. We are a community of caring individuals who come together in classes to promote health and healing: physically, mentally, and emotionally. To exercise and dance our hearts out. And when we do, there’s a special connection that happens on that dance floor. 

No matter what life has thrown at me over the years, knowing I have this special place to dance at and the warmth of this dance family, I know I can handle all of it. They are the real deal; the kind of people that make you feel safe and comfortable enough to leave it all on the floor no matter your experience level. But more than that, they are the kind of people that make life sweeter by giving you a place to practice being your most authentic self. It is so, so much more than just a place to dance and workout.

Dance gave me the gift of expression, and Studio K gave me the gift of a family to share that with. I will always be grateful for both!” - Leah Goldberg

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