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March Instructor of the Month - Kim Matovina!

Our March Instructor of the Month, Kim Matovina, is so important to our Family as she is one of our Studio K All Stars! Kim is one of the amazing instructors who have been with us since the very beginning when Studio K first opened its doors in 2010. So it's very special to have her with us throughout this last decade as a dancer, an instructor, and as a dear friend. Read on and learn more about Kim below!

SK: Why did you choose to be an instructor at Studio K?

KM: When I first learned about Studio K, I was brand new to Orlando and was looking for dance related work in the area. A mutual friend introduced Kristin and I, and the rest is history. I love the energy in the studio and the way it always feels like home there.

SK: What classes do you currently teach at the studio?

KM: I teach a Yoga Fusion class every Tuesday evening from 8:30 to 9:30 PM, and am an Instructor on the Studio K Mobile Team teaching both children and adults!

SK: What do you do for work during the day?

KM: I work at Universal Studios as a parade performer, as well as teach at two different children’s dance studios in the area. I also own Red Right Return Dance Company, a small contemporary dance company that does local collaborations and performances.

SK: In your opinion, what makes Studio K different from other dance/fitness options?

KM: I would have to say the variety of classes. There is always something new and exciting going on there and the class choices are phenomenal, though you also can’t beat ten bucks a class!

SK: What is your favorite class to teach and/or take at Studio K and why?

KM: I don’t get to take class there as often as I’d like to, but I do really enjoy teaching my Yoga Fusion class. It started years ago as Slow Jamz Strength and Stretch, and we would dim the lights and I would use RnB music. Now, any given weeks playlist is peppered with chill vibes songs from different genres and decades. It’s perfectly placed right after Zumba so members can conveniently take a cardio class into a full hour of stretching.

SK: Is there a class that you haven’t taken yet, but would love to try in the future?

KM: POUND. It looks like such a blast!

SK: What advice do you have for people who want to try dance/fitness classes at Studio K, but are hesitant/nervous?

KM: Call and talk to Kristin or one of our awesome faculty that are at the front desk, observe a class, I promise you will feel welcomed and ready to hit the floor the minute you step in the studio.

SK: Do you have a favorite moment or memory from a class or from a member at Studio K that has stayed with you?

KM: I would have to say my memories from teaching Lightsaber Fitness are my favorite. We had this couple that would come in together every week and have such a good time. Laughter like that is infectious and good core work haha!

SK: In a few words, what does Studio K mean to you?

KM: Community, a place to leave it all on the floor.

SK: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself/your time with Studio K?

KM: Just a huge thank you from myself and all of Red Right Return Dance Company to Kristin for letting us use such a beautiful space as home. We love you!

From our members and our Studio K Team, we all could not love Kim more. She is a part of the heart and soul of this business forever! Come and meet Kim every Tuesday at 8:30, and see the full Studio K Schedule here!


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