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February Member of the Month - Seritta Norige!

This February is extra special because it's the month of love, and as we always say, we simply could not love and appreciate our amazing members more! This month, we are so proud and honored to feature Seritta Norige! Seritta is an absolute bright light in our world - a kind, talented, dedicated dancer/performer and friend to us all! Learn more about Seritta and her experience with Studio K below!

SK: Why did you choose Studio K as your choice dance/fitness studio?

SN: I have tried other dance and fitness studios in the area and there is nothing like the environment Studio K creates. From the moment you walk in the door Kristin and her amazing staff always make you feel like you’re at home! Between the whimsical lights and aesthetic of the studio, it is a space that feels very relaxed and welcoming.

SK: When did you join Studio K as a member?

SN: I officially became a Studio K member during the National Dance Day event in July 2019.

SK: Can you describe your first experience attending a class at Studio K?

SN: My first class at Studio K was Tap with Jamie. It was my first Tap class in a number of years so I was a little hesitant but by the end of the class I had a blast and knew I had to come back and try more classes.

SK: What do you do for work during the day?

SN: During the day, I am a Transportation Systems Specialist at Walt Disney World, supporting bus operations.

SK: What do you like to do for fun outside of dance?

SN: Outside of dance, I love exploring and finding fun hidden gems around Orlando and Central Florida. There is so much to do (and eat!) in the area in addition to our theme parks so during the weekend I usually find myself at one of the many festivals and events in Downtown Orlando. I also love to volunteer my time for a variety of organizations like Give Kids The World, Downtown Arts District Orlando, and Habitat for Humanity.

SK: In your opinion, what makes Studio K different from other dance/fitness options?

SN: Studio K is different than other dance/fitness options because of the variety of classes and workshops that are available. I love how each month the calendar rotates so it mixes things up with new styles, workshops, or master classes that aren’t offered anywhere else!

SK: What is your favorite class to take at Studio K and why?

SN: I have so many favorites so it is hard to pick one! I would say Musical Theater is at the top of my list because I can incorporate my quirks and individuality into the choreography. I also love Zumba, since it’s a class that will make you sweat while having a blast!

SK:Do you have a favorite instructor? If so, who and why?

SN: Again, hard to pick one! All of the instructors are so welcoming and create a no judgement zone to encourage us to be ourselves. My favorites would have to be Jamie and Miguel because of their energy and positivity they bring to their classes!

SK: Did you have a dance/fitness background before coming to Studio K?

SN: I danced recreationally in my high school’s dance program in Tap and Musical Theater. Most of my dance background is from participating in Colorguard for 4 seasons where we mostly incorporated ballet and jazz technique. I was in marching band in college and also took recreation dance fitness classes at my university when I had free time.

SK: Which class have you not tried yet, but are looking forward to trying in the future?

SN: I would love to try POUND! In college I received a pair of POUND sticks at a fitness event on campus but it was hard to find gyms/studios that actually had POUND classes. Now I know that Studio K offers it, I have no excuse not to try it! I would also like to try Hip Hop because it’s not a class I would normally take. I believe that trying something new outside of your comfort zone is important.

SK: What advice do you have for people who want to try dance/fitness classes, but are hesitant/nervous?

SN: JUST DO IT! You will not regret it. Studio K is meant to be a place to bring what you’ve got and leave it on the floor. If it is your 1st or 1,000th dance class, you will have a blast because the instructors and staff make you feel comfortable and welcome. And you get to be yourself and it is a space for you to express yourself through movement which is a bonus. Plus, dance and dance fitness classes are much more fun than going to a traditional gym and the class rates and memberships are affordable!

SK: ​In a few words, what does Studio K mean to you?

SN: Studio K is my creative escape from reality!

SK: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your time with Studio K?

SN: I want to thank the staff and instructors of Studio K for being a positive influence in the Orlando dance and fitness community! The work that Kristin does is spectacular and you never feel like you are just a number when you walk through the doors. Kristin makes it a point to introduce herself to everyone and support you in any way she can which is something you do not always see today. I highly recommend that any and everyone in the Orlando area checks out what the buzz is about at Studio K!

SK: Thank you so much Seritta for being a part of our Family each day! We are so grateful for you, and can't wait to continue sharing in your journey! xo

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