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February Instructor of the Month - Aileen Suseck!

We think all of our Instructors are absolute superstars, but one in particular is also an absolute rockstar! We are so proud this month to feature Aileen Suseck, a true professional and POUND Pro in every sense of the word who who rocks out week after week on the dance floor and gives our members a workout like none other! She encourages all to be their personal best in a fierce 45-minutes that is not only amazing for fitness, but gives them a spirit of working together in their own rebel fitness band, provides a serious stress reliever, and all definitely leave Aileen much happier than when they first walked in! Read below to learn a little more about Aileen and her time so far with Studio K!

SK: Why did you choose to be an instructor at Studio K?

AS: I feel like I started my own fitness journey at Studio K. I never enjoyed working out and couldn’t develop a habit for it until I tried POUND back when Whitney was teaching the class. It only seems right to teach in the place that taught me so much.

SK: What classes do you currently teach?

AS: I teach POUND at the studio, and I am part of the Mobile Studio K Instructor Team and teach POUND and Generation POUND to adults and children throughout Central Florida in other off-site properties!

SK: What do you do for work during the day?

AS: I bartend at Graffiti Junktion in College Park

SK: What do you love to do outside of dance/fitness?

AS: I love to cook, drink wine, and hang out with my dog -preferably all at once.

SK: In your opinion, what makes Studio K different from other dance/fitness options?

AS: It’s the vibe of our tribe. Studio K instructors AND members are so welcoming, free of egos, and relatable.

SK: What is your favorite class to teach and/or take at Studio K and why?

AS: POUND was my first love at Studio K and I guess now I’m in a serious relationship with it.

SK: What do you love about teaching dance/fitness classes at Studio K?

AS: I love the energy within a class. Never fails. Every time we finish our first track in a POUND class at Studio K - whether it’s laughter, big smiles or banging our sticks together - there is an energy in the room unlike anything else I get to encounter for the rest of the week. It’s a class collectively saying “Let’s rock out this workout!”

SK: Is there a class that you haven’t taken yet, but would love to try in the future?

AS: I’ve heard that Mixxed Fit is totally up my alley.

SK: What advice do you have for people who want to try dance/fitness classes at Studio K, but are hesitant/nervous?

AS: Jump on in, the water’s just fine!

SK: In a few words, what does Studio K mean to you?

AS: Passion: for movement, for music, for each other, and for yourself.

SK: Have you ever have a member interaction that made a lasting impact for you or a member you will just never forget who had a meaningful experience in your class? Tell us about it!

AS: Wow. It’s honestly so hard to pick just one because every class I am so blown away by the growth I see in so many of our members. There was one class on a day that was not going very well for me where one of the girls stopped me afterward to say that she really needed class that evening due to a very stressful day. Not only was it helpful to know that I wasn’t the only one struggling that day, but it is so important to note the benefits of exercise when it comes to mental health.

SK: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or your time with Studio K?

AS: Just a big thank you to Studio K for having me and giving us all such a beautiful space to workout in.

SK: We are just so thankful for Aileen for her continual dedication and love of her class, her awesome attitude, the hard work she puts in week after week, and for being such an important member of our Studio K Family! Meet Aileen for POUND on the dance floor every Wednesday at 6:30 PM! See the full schedule here!


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