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A Message from Kristin...Studio K Reopening Details and Information

Updated: May 18, 2020

Dear Studio K Family: I am so excited that the day has finally come! We have now received full permission from the Governor to reopen Studio K on Monday, May 18th! We cannot wait to welcome you back to the studio safely, with open arms and giant smiles as we return for some much needed dancing and happy times together! We are going to ease into our schedule slowly for the remainder of the month to keep our members, team and guests safe (full schedule to resume in June!), so here are just a few important guidelines to note upon returning as you prepare for your classes:

  1. For those who are familiar with Studio K, you know our space is quite large, and we can accommodate up to 100 dancers on the dance floor. This gives us a great benefit to other facilities, so to further keep everyone safe and maintain the 50% capacity restrictions currently issued for the state, we have marked the floor to provide 6 ft. of social distance all around for dancers to have plenty of space to move, and to have clear indicators of their own personal area. This gives us approximately 30 marked spots, well below our 50% capacity, offering plenty of class availability!

  2. We sadly will not be able to share our equipment at this time, so if attending a class that requires a yoga mat such as Yoga Fusion or POUND, please bring your own to use for maximum comfort. Also, for Lightsaber Fitness, we will also not be sharing lightsabers, so please bring your own to class. The only specialty tool that will be provided will be our POUND Ripstix (drum sticks) as we will be collecting all after each session to fully sanitize, and we also have more than enough to swap out regularly as needed.

  3. The studio will provide hand sanitizer, as well as Lysol Wipes throughout the space. As we shared in our last email blast, the studio has been fully sanitized, deep cleaned and refreshed with new paint, fresh decor, steam cleaning and more, and it will be fully cleaned and maintained each day before and after classes.

Please know that every measure to return has been thought through with great care, and myself and our entire Team is highly prepared to give you the best experience in the healthiest way possible! As the Governor shared, it has now been proven that being in good physical condition is beneficial to fight the Coronavirus, and if you are a fan of Studio K, then you already know that this special studio and getting out on that dance floor is always good for you - mind, body, and soul! :-) I absolutely cannot wait to see each and every one of you! If you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact me directly at: Thank you with all of my heart and I'm so looking forward to welcoming you back and starting our schedule together this Monday!

With all my love and gratitude,


Founder and CEO


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