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By Jacki 03.02.2016

With athleisure being a trend with some staying power, it’s only fitting that I help you figure out the BEST places for your workout gear. I swear to you, this is the only stuff I wear anymore because.. you know… wearing heels to the playground is a little frowned upon. In fact, I’m pretty sure I judge any mom that looks put together at the playground. Mainly because I’m jealous. So without further ado, these places are my TOP picks in purchasing some sweet fitness wear for brunching in or getting your sweat on at Studio K!

Forever 21

I never thought this place would be one where I would find good workout stuff, but to be honest it has held up better than a lot of my “nice” (read: expensive) workout gear. Some of the cheaper shirts are a little flimsy, so I would steer clear of anything that’s full on cotton, but everything else is great! I size up there, just an FYI. You can score a full outfit for less than $30!



Once again, less expensive but nice pieces that hold up well. I would have to say, their stuff is a little more basic. So, if you’re looking for plainer things, this would be your place! I am an avid workout-er (yeah, I just made that a thing), and my tops from there have lasted several years! If you’re a runner, they also have some really nice reflective wear. Safety first, right?


Old Navy

This place is my holy grail of fitness clothes. It’s inexpensive, they have some super trendy pieces (which I love) and they are forever having sales so you can score that stuff on the cheap with free shipping. They also have some amazing plus-size options, which I feel like are super hard to come by. We come in all shapes and sizes, so shouldn’t our activewear?

old navy


When I’m WILLING to drop a little more cash, I take a gander at GapFit. The stuff is pretty beautiful. When you’re looking for that outfit that will set you apart, I would start there. I scored a KILLER top there (pictured below), that I get complimented on all the time. It makes me feel sassy, and there’s nothing wrong with that!


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