Your Best Summer in Five

By Jacki 06.08.2017

Our top 5 tips to staying in your best shape for summer


Summer is HERE, my friends! I dread this season every year, because of the obvious reason – swimsuit season. I start the slow panic in April, start to get the nervous sweats in May, and then go into a full-blown anxiety attack in June. NO MAS! I’ve figured out the top 5 ways to look and feel your best all summer long, no matter if you’re wearing a bikini or a one-piece (am I right, fellow mamas??).


Stay Hydrated

I think one of the first offenders of summer is the lack of hydration. We spend SO MUCH time during the summer IN water, but we spend far less time consuming water. To add, we fill our systems with sugary (and sometimes alcoholic) drinks that flood our system with deliciousness that just end up dehydrating us further. The rule of thumb for how much water you should drink a day : Your body weight / 2 = ____ / 8 = the number of cups of water a day.


This kind of goes hand-in-hand with hydration. You have to apply sunscreen to protect and hydrate your skin. Remember, it can only take 15 minutes to burn. Every severe burn drastically increases your chances of getting skin cancer. Sunscreen takes 2 minutes to apply, but a lifetime of benefits. No one wants to look like a leather bag, right? Plus, it really puts a damper on your workouts!


I used to be all cardio all day. Not only did this run down my body and I was easily injured, but I also wasn’t getting to the body that I always envisioned. I was skinny. Really skinny… not like Jennifer Aniston skinny – more like Rachel Zoe skinny. I have really learned within the last couple of years that cross-training is key. You HAVE to keep your body guessing in order to see results. My new schedule goes a little like this: 3 days weight lifting, 2 days cardio, 1 day pilates or yoga. I’ve found that this keeps my muscles lean and strong, and I’m starting to achieve the body I’ve always wanted, even after two kids.

Portion Control

One thing I’ve always been guilty of especially during the summer season is eating whatever I want, whenever I want (give me all the chips and salsa). All of the easy summer snacking will pack on the pounds faster than any Christmas party will! Making sure that you prepare yourself proper portions BEFORE you go to the beach will keep you from heading to the snack shack and loading up on waffle fries. Also, avoid the heavily salted snacks…those are your quickest ticket to a bloated belly, which doesn’t always feel so awesome in a bathing suit.

Makeup Selection

I’m usually one to go for less makeup during the summer, but if I’m going to wear something, I like to keep it super light. I love creamy blush, waterproof mascara, and just a little lip gloss (helllooooo Kristin Noelle Cosmetics). Let your natural face (and tan) shine!


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