November News!

By Kristin 11.03.2017

Kristin and Bella

Happy November everyone! I think this may very well be my personal favorite month of the year as we all slow down a tiny bit and take a breath, are thankful for everything that we have and has happened this year so far, and look forward to the holidays and to the excitement of all that is yet to come.

As with the start of every new month, it also brings an opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start and a chance to re-tackle your goals and dreams or keep them moving down the field to the touchdown zone, as you check each item off the list – and to my fellow vision boarders out there, this is also the best month to take a good, hard look at your boards (hopefully you are already looking at them daily!), and check in on where you stand as we prepare to set our new boards and missions for the coming year ahead. Be grateful for all you’ve achieved and believe with all of your heart that you are just getting started. Speaking of vision boarding, I will be holding my annual sessions again this January so keep watch on our Facebook page and subscribe to our email list at the bottom of any page on this website for details and information coming soon!

Last month for Studio K brought much excitement and activity as we commemorated and celebrated the seven year anniversary of when Studio K first opened in October 2010, and we welcomed back so many of the beautiful faces and friends that we knew then. It was such a joy to have them all back again, and for me personally, it was very, very special. They truly mean everything to me and I miss them so much already! Hopefully, you will see those All Star Instructors in particular a lot more often in the future if I have anything to do with it! 🙂

This November is again bringing all of the fun and family we strive to deliver to the studio each day with our classes, new additions, workshops and events, and the amazing Studio K Team that makes everything possible. As always, please visit our online schedule and click any entry to learn more and to mark your favorite days that you don’t want to miss. Also, if you are new to the studio and have not yet visited before, I would be so honored to meet you and to answer any questions at all that you may have!

Stop by, give us a try, email me personally with questions any time ([email protected]), and just relax and have fun with us! We are truly a stress-free studio where you can take a class, hopefully have the best time and laugh a lot, get a great workout, learn something new, make friends for life, and get a small escape each night! It’s a tall order, but it’s truly what Studio K has to offer and everyone can feel safe and welcome with us every single day. I won’t have it any other way.

I am working on many new things in the coming weeks ahead that will be launching this New Year for Studio K in all areas of the company – it’s going to be our BEST.YEAR.YET, and we could not do this without you.

Thank you again for being a part of this business and a part of my dream big moment every single day. I am just so grateful. Also, if you are not currently following me on my personal business Facebook Page, and would like to keep up with all that I’m working on, what’s coming soon, inspirational tips, tricks and more, please click the link above!

Here is to a wonderful November – let’s make it one we will never forget!








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