If the Shoe Fits: The Best Shoe for Your Workout

By Jacki 09.06.2016



This might be one of my favorite pieces of fitness-wear to talk about: sneakers. As my husband can attest, I have a bit of an obsession, but it’s only because I do so many different activities and not one shoe fits them all! I’m going to give you a breakdown of what shoes will fit the workout YOU are doing in the studio and out. Finding the right sneaker will prevent injury and will help your performance. So here are my top picks!

Best Trainer
Adidas Adipure provide great support for side-to-side movements and are solid enough that you will feel balanced while lifting heavy.


Best Running
Nike Lunarglides have been a love of mine ever since I started running 8 years ago. They are supportive and great for people like me who have sensitive knees. Even with all that extra support, I don’t feel like I’m running with ankle weights on. They are still lightweight enough for me to feel like my stride is efficient. I recommend these babies to everyone!
Best Dance Cardio (or most other fitness classes)
Ryka Vida shoes might as well be built for the dance floor. The sole has a smooth spot under the big toe, allowing for your best turns and pivots, but there are also grippy grooves on the outer sole to make sure you don’t come crashing down in any lateral movements. They also have street appeal, which a lot of dance shoes unfortunately do not.
Best Yoga
Nike Studio wraps come in all different colors and styles. They keep you from slipping when you are pouring sweat through those poses. No one wants to accidentally slide into the splits!
Best Dance (General)

After doing a lot of research and also checking out the popular Zumba sneaker, it seems that Bloch Evolution shoes are the best shoes for any dancer. It offers a lot of arch support, the ability to turn on a dime, and I’m pretty sure when you wear these shoes you LOOK like a dancer.

Check out these shoes and them wear them on the Studio K Dance Floor – see the schedule here! 

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