Fit Squad

By Jacki 03.30.2017


How many times have you tried to go to the gym or to a gym class and have dropped out before the month is out? We always have excuses, myself included, to skip a workout. Today my excuse was, “I’m deep cleaning the house before my landlord comes. There’s my arms and abs!” It’s so much easier to write it off and chalk it up as something that isn’t necessary, than to just suck it up and get it done. Well, I have the solution to fix this little problem –  a workout buddy. According to a study done by Stanford University, weekly check-ins with another person will increase your workout performance and persistence by 78%. Working out together will drastically bring down drop out rate, and you will actually work out 160% LONGER than you would’ve alone! There is strength in numbers!

So, when you pick out your workout buddy, you need to pick someone similar to you: similar drive and similar fitness level. This will make sure that you push each other, you won’t let each other off the hook, but you also won’t be pulling someone along for your fitness ride, and you or your partner are less likely to get an injury. I normally workout at home, but my gal pal and I do daily check-ins with Snapchat! Just knowing that she’s going to check in on me and tell me how she got her workout done pushes me to get it out of the way, no matter how exhausted I am that day.

Next, we are going to try one of the classes together at Studio K. I can’t wait to tell you how it goes, because let me tell you – I AM NOT A DANCER. I would normally be the first one running off the floor in embarrassment, but, with my workout squad I bet I can even make it through a whole class! Who is your workout buddy and what class are you going to take together?

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