Marcelino “Reakt” Pardo

Marcelino “Reakt” Pardo, was born in Connecticut after his parents relocated from Spain, and originated his dancing career after being inspired by a breakdancing video. With the feeling that big things were on the horizon, he trained in the art of dance consistently, and immediately began working for the acrobatic production company, G-Force at Universal Studios.

Since then, his intense training has provided opportunities to work with artists such as: LL Cool J, Chris Brown, Talib Kweli, Hootie and the Blowfish, Debbie Allen, Mike Myers, and Adam Chu Dance Crew (ACDC), as well as companies including: Adidas, Nike, Puma, AT&T, Disney, Busch Gardens, and the MTV Awards.

Also, in 2001, Marcelino assisted in creating the nationally and internationally known breaking crew, MIND180, whose credits include the 2007 Bboy Unit 9 World Champions victory in Korea and the Hip Obsession 3 victory in France. Marcelino then experienced two years in Los Angeles studying other styles of dance to further broaden his expertise, and now enjoys instructing with other dance inspired individuals in the Orlando area.