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Photographer Spotlight: Ashley Kroft

By Kristin 06.28.2017

Hi there! This week I would like to introduce one of Studio K’s newest instructors, Ashley Kroft, who is also an accomplished independent photographer. Ashley taught Studio K’s Lyrical dance classes earlier this year and they…


Got Cardio?

By Kristin 06.22.2017

In my last post, I talked about my approach to diet and nutrition. In a nutshell, I boiled my theory down to five simple rules: 1. High Protein 2. High Fiber 3. Low Sodium 4. Low…


Studio K Agency Profile: An Interview with Marie Burgos

By Kristin 06.15.2017

I am very fortunate in my life to have served and currently work with some of the most exceptional individuals and well known companies in the world today. I have consistently said that as an executive…


Your Best Summer in Five

By Jacki 06.08.2017

Our top 5 tips to staying in your best shape for summer Summer is HERE, my friends! I dread this season every year, because of the obvious reason – swimsuit season. I start the slow panic…


June Update!

By Kristin 06.01.2017

Summer is here! I could not be more excited for all that is to come this June and we also have some big upcoming announcements for Studio K – so keep watch on all of our social…


Celebrity Dancewear, Deals, and More!

By Kristin 05.18.2017

Hi Friends! One thing at the studio we are always being asked about is the best in dancewear clothing, shoes and accessories! I love awesome designs and I’m always looking for cool details and items that…


May I Have This Dance?

By Kristin 05.04.2017

Hi Friends! It’s May and this month, we here at Studio K are asking, “May I Have This Dance?” As always, it’s all about the dancing and this month, we are featuring: Jazz, Ballet, Hot Hot Hula Fitness,…


Studio K Member Highlight: Charles Colarusso!

By Kristin 04.27.2017

Hi friends! I am so honored this week to bring everyone our next Member of the Month profile, and this is for one of the greatest guys I know! Charles is just one of those extra awesome people as you…


Spring Fitness Top Picks

By Kristin 04.20.2017

  Hi guys and Happy, happy Spring! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our Studio K digital magazine, The Backdrop, and missing how every month, Jacki and I would feature our top favorite items that…


Changing Your Thinking From Fat to Thin

By Kristin 04.13.2017

When the discussion of weight-loss pops up around the water cooler, the focus is mainly on what fad diet you are suffering through and what workout routine is torturing your body this week.  Rarely does the…