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Interview with Instructor Tarensha Alexis

By Jacki 02.23.2017

This month, I was excited to spend time talking with Studio K Hip Hop Instructor, Tarensha Alexis. As the youngest member of the Studio K Team, Tarensha shared her perspective on her dance inspirations, her talent,…


Breaking New Ground

By Kristin 02.10.2017

So I took my first class at Studio K on a whim. I happened to be in there and saw the Breakdancing class going on and it brought back serious memories from the 80’s when I was…


I Love February!

By Kristin 02.03.2017

My friends! Happy, happy February! To all my fellow Pisces out there, may this be our best birthday year yet! I am incredibly excited to reach this next milestone and to take the world by storm…


Train Like a Mother

By Kristin 01.26.2017

Every year people make resolutions to make some sort of lifestyle change. Did you know that only 8% of those people actually follow through? I didn’t wait until the New Year to make my resolution. All…


Just Believe

By Michelle 01.20.2017

Hey ladies! Now that 2017 is about to enter its fourth week, have you worked on accomplishing new goals? If you are craving change this year, you’ve gotta try something different. For instance, my goal list…


National Vision Boarding Day 1/14/17

By Kristin 01.17.2017

This year, National Vision Boarding Day fell on January 14, 2017, and it was my privilege to host this year’s Vision Boarding session in our brand new facility for Studio K! The group and I went over…


POUND® Posse – I’m All In

By Kristin 01.13.2017

OK, it’s happened. I didn’t think I would ever say or write this sentence, but I’m in a posse. Yep, it’s called the POUND® Posse and I’M.ALL.IN. I think everyone knows that I love to dance, but…


The Fitness Marshall LIVE in Orlando Exclusively at Studio K!

By Kristin 01.12.2017

We know you have seen him online, and we know that you have also most likely danced your heart out right along with him, so we are so excited to welcome The Fitness Marshall exclusively to…


Happy New Year!

By Kristin 01.05.2017

Happy, Happy New Year everyone! I simply could not be more excited that 2017 is finally here and I know we are each ready for fresh starts, new hope, and plenty of goals to tackle as…


Interview with Kristin, Owner and CEO of Studio K

By Lindsay 12.29.2016

This month, The Backdrop’s Lindsay Pardo talked with Owner and CEO of Studio K, Kristin Weissman about her love of dance, her inspiration to create Studio K, and more! Here is what Kristin had to say about…