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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!

By Jacki 02.04.2016

It the most awkward time of the year down here in Florida when you can’t decide if it’s appropriate to wear a tank top or a sweater. For date night, it rained ALL DAY. I mean,…


The Anti-Resolution

By Jacki 01.12.2016

This time of year, people are making resolutions and usually by mid-January they are breaking them. Why do we set ourselves up for failure? Before the year’s end, I had several “resolutions” in mind including being…


Date Night

By Jacki 11.12.2015

With the birth of our youngest son, a crazy crazy schedule, and just being too dang tired, my husband and I haven’t had a date for well over a year. That all changed for his birthday….


The CMA’s

By Jacki 11.05.2015

I would have to say, I have never cared about the CMA’s. Ever. I’ve always hated country music and avoided that whole scene until something life-changing happened for me this year. Ok, so life-changing might be…


Sneakers for One, Sneakers for All!

By Jacki 09.25.2015

One of my favorite go-to things to wear EVER, is a pair of sneakers. I love them. They’re versatile and thank GOODNESS the fashion industry has decided that they’re still super in (not that I make every…


Emmys 2015

By Jacki 09.21.2015

It’s known to be one of the most glamorous red carpets of the year: The Emmy’s. I kiiiiiinda don’t agree. While it’s twenty times better than the MTV Music Awards, I love the fashion of the…


New York Fashion Week

By Jacki 09.18.2015

I think this year’s NYFW was my absolute favorite. I really love every year, but since I’m finally discovering my true style, this year really spoke to me. There’s a lot of minimalism mixed in with…


Babies, Fashion, and the Goodbye to Summer

By Jacki 09.09.2015

Hey everyone! Thank you for being so amazingly supportive while my family and I were adapting to life with a new little guy. It has been a crazy ride, but I think I’m finally getting into…


2015 VMAs

By Jacki 08.31.2015

The VMAs are always a time for people to take fashion risks. Too often the attendees dress too young for their age and find it to be mildly acceptable to bare it all. This year was…


All My Bags are Packed

By Jacki 08.03.2015

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA, but my husband and I have been hard at work preparing for baby #2 to make his appearance! He’s a few days late, but I will see you…