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Golden Globes Revamped – The Backdrop, Jacki

By Jacki 01.15.2014

The Golden Globes happened this past weekend, and instead of being excited for the actual awards, I loved watching all of the stars enter the red carpet. This year, I feel like a lot of the…


New Year, New Woman – The Backdrop, Jacki

By Jacki 01.10.2014

It’s a New Year, y’all! You know what that means? Time for a resolution. One to stick with this year, right? Instead of the typical, “get in shape” resolution, I decided it was time to reinvent…


Happy New Year! Jacki – The Fashionista

By Jacki 01.03.2014

Hey everyone! I’m so excited that the launch of The Backdrop is finally here!! I have so many awesome things to share with you in upcoming posts. This month I’m going to talk about how to…