Abs are Made in the Kitchen

By Jacki 07.11.2016



The phrase “abs are made in the kitchen,” is 100% true, without a doubt. When I started my journey in fitness, I thought surely all it would take is doing crunches until I was ready to cry. After months of trial and error, I’ve quickly realized that this cliche saying is cliche for a reason – it works. In the midst of this new lifestyle, I started a new workout program that required me to jump from eating about 1,400 calories a day to a whopping 2,900. I immediately went into panic mode. HOW DOES SOMEONE EAT THAT MUCH?!? I’ll tell you how. They snack.

Eating healthy on-the-go can really be difficult. Whether you’re a mom (like me), constantly on the road or stuck at a desk, it can be so hard to find things to munch on that aren’t totally full of fake ingredients or something that needs to be refrigerated. So here are some go-tos that will help you stay full, stay on track, and not have you craving brownies at the end of an exhausting day!


1. Egg Muffins

The thought of these things used to gross me out so much. Eggs in muffin form? No. But they ended up being DELICIOUS and have definitely become a staple for me. You make them like you would make a giant omelet – spinach, peppers, mushrooms, meat, cheese and anything else your little heart desires. You pour a little bit into each muffin tin and bake them at 350 for about 20 minutes. Now you have a week of breakfast that is just heat and go. BAM.



2. Nuts and Seeds

Unsalted nuts have become my best friend. Raw almonds? They’re like candy now! They’re a little sweet and have the crunch that I’m normally craving midday. If you need a little more healthy fat in your diet, try unsalted pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. They’re perfect on top of salad, yogurt or just in the palm of your hand.


3. Natural Jerky

This isn’t the time to skimp on ingredients because you want to save money. Expensive jerky is expensive for a reason. It’s made with quality meat and isn’t doused in all sorts of terrible preservatives. It’s seriously one of the best things you can fuel your body with. Pure protein.


4. Protein Drink

Shakeology by Beachbody is my personal protein drink of choice. It has no fillers, is dense nutrition and full of delicious whole foods my body craves. I’m not saying this is the one you have to drink, but if you struggle getting healthy options, find a protein powder that is free of  fillers and full of ingredients you can pronounce (or that you at least know where they come from – preferably the earth). This has become something I look forward to daily because it’s just sweet enough to fight off any cravings and it keeps me full for a LONG time.

5. Green Tea

I’m not talking the “diet suppressant” green tea. Get good old normal hot green tea. I’ve started drinking it after dinner to help signal to my body that I’m all done eating and it has kept me from going back to the pantry to snack. Green tea is also great to fight against bloating, so I’ve really relied on this during swimsuit season!

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